The Weapons of Guadalcanal
From the forthcoming Guadalcanal Today DVD

Springfield M1903A3 Rifle
All over Guadalcanal, shell casings from Springfield rifles can still be found to this day. and many veterans remember this as the rifle they carried. This excellent rifle was used by American snipers and some soldiers even modifed their rifles to accept extended magazines.

The Remington Arms company created a simplified wartime variant of the M1903. Adopted in 1942, the M1903A3 rifles featured a number of parts made by stamping instead of machining, M1903A3 rifles were manufactured by the Remington Arms and a Smith-Corona Typewriters. The M1903A4 sniper rifles, manufactured by the Remington Arms had the open sights replaced by telescope optical sights. This variant was used by American military sinipers until the 1960's.

Caliber: .30-06
Action: manual bolt
length: 1097mm
Barrel length: 610 mm
Weight: 3.94 kg
Magazine: 5 rounds

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